Cu-Zn Alloy


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Brass Alloy Material
Cu-Zn Alloy

Powerway Alloy is a leading manufacturer in the country with the richest and highest quality high-precision copper bars。 The market share of CuZn brass using in the batteries has ranked first in the trade for five consecutive years。 Brass features perfect cold machining performance, high elasticity and strength, is widely used in the glasses accessories, rivets, batteries, fasteners, springs and wire electrodes。

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Product Details
  • Categories:Brass Alloy Material

  • Name:Cu-Zn Alloy

  • Number:H62、H63、H65、H68、H70、H80、H85、H90

  • Feature

    Cold plastic is fine;

    Good flexibility;

    The cutting location;


    Excellent electric conduction and thermal conductivity。

  • Product specifications

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