lead brass


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Brass Alloy Material
lead brass

The lead brass rod,wire of Powerway Alloy has superior processing efficiency and longer service life than the same products in the market. The quantity and quality is leading the trade in the country with its perfect cutting and drilling performances, being applied in the automatic lathes and numerically controlled lathes processing areas.

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Product Details
  • Categories:Brass Alloy Material

  • Name:lead brass

  • Number:C3601、C3602、C3603、C3771、C3604、C3605、HPb59-1

  • Feature

    天津11选5APP下载Little damage on the tool material processing;

    Processing efficiency;

    Good straightness :<0.3mm / m;

    Good effect in the course of hot forging, cold heading and riveting;

    Long life;

    Ovality, tolerance are good, consistency;

    The processing part surface finish。

  • Product specifications

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