Powerway alloy held a mountaineering competition


Powerway alloy held a mountaineering competition

On November 10, 2018, 70 employees of Powerway Alloy organized a mountaineering competition in Shenshugang. All the employees were divided into 13 teams, and the team with the least time to reach the top of the team won.

天津11选5APP下载In the afternoon, 13 teams gathered at the foot of the mountain. Everyone brainstormed and designed the team logo, team name and slogan for their team. With the order of the referee, the players could not attend to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way, set off the team flag, shouted slogans, encouraged each other, helped each other, and fought to the end. When the female players could not move, the male players carried their teammates. He runs to the finish line and the whole game is full of warmth and joy. In the end, the R&D center team won the first place, the drawing team won the second place, and the storm team won the third place.


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